76. Kevin Clay: Watch Me Fall



1. Don’t Tell Jude; 2. Super Sucker Salvation; 3. Squeaky Clean; 4. Kiss and Tell; 5. Cpelandhaging; 6. Still Human; 7. Adam; 8. Date Rape; 9. Spacey Stacey; 10. Shotdown; 11. Seed; 12. Rose of Sharon; 13. Watch Me Fall; 14. Come to Thee

There is serious realism felt on Kevin Clay’s Watch Me Fall, a grungy ’90s record that has a rock and roll swagger. And it’s not a surprise that the album was produced by Michael Knott, since it has a bit of that Aunt Betty’s flavour (and Brian Doidge does play on the record after all). The songs are gritty and raw, and real messy around the edges. But there’s a real gooey centre the oozes with honesty and passion. Watch Me Fall plays out over 14 tracks and there’s a lot of material to listen from Clay (former frontman of My Little Dog China) – but it doesn’t ever disappoint.

And it might rock hard, but it’s also surprisingly beautiful. Just listen to the cello on “Still Human” or “Adam.” It’s wonderful, Mike Knott-ish Striple Cycle-inspired stuff.  The record highlights include the Smashing Pumpkin’s inspired “Super Sucker Salvation,” Knott’s unmistakable bgv’s on the infectious “Squeaky Clean” and the lyrical lament of “Shotdown.” The closer “Come to Thee” kind of brings the album to an appropriate end, with the hope that in the midst of personal tragedy and failure, God is there. In that sense, Watch Me Fall is a bitter-sweet document of how life sometimes falls apart, but that’s never the end of the story.

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