73. Michael Knott: Live in Nashvegas



TRACKS: 1. This is the Healing; 2. Grace; 3. Story; 4. Jan the Weatherman; 5. Story; 6. John Barrymore Jr., 7. Story; 8. Kitty Courtesy; 9. Star Baby; 10. Blame; 11. Rock Stars on H; 12. Never Forsaken; 13. Rocket and a Bomb; 14. Double; 15. Sea Shell Sally; 16. Sugar Mama; 17. Christine on Crystal; 18. Tether to Tassel; 19. Die Baby Die

For sure, Michael Knott sounds good on studio recordings. I mean, what was Cush without Knott? Not the same band, really. But Knott’s really in his comfort zone performing live. For that, Live in Nashvegas is a great example of his acoustic shows, as well as a taste of his bulging catalogue of music – from his solo stuff to L.S Underground, Aunt Bettys and Lifesavers. And the stripped down versions of these songs are fantastic.

With the live recording, you also get the in-between-song dialogue, which adds to the allure of the show. And on Live in Nashvegas, you also get a drummer! Steve Hindalong joined Knott for the concert (recorded unplugged at a coffeehouse in Nashville) and it’s a great partnership. They cover a lot of material on the record, and once Knott really gets rolling he knocks off some must-hear versions of “Star Baby” and “Double.” There are some fun moments on “Rock Stars on H,” while “Die Baby Die” brings the performance to an emphatic end. It’s a great collection of Knott classics, and stripped of excess instrumentation, it emphasis Knott’s lyrical genius.

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